The Start of the Seasoned Traveller & Bike Racer


So I’m just about to embark on my journey to Madrid for the Team WNT launch, and since storm Dorris is in the area and I’ve arrived at the airport ridiculously early, I figured there was no time like the present to write a little update.

I’ve recently spent some time reading on “how to blog”, “how to write a successful blog”, “what makes a good blog post” – you get the picture. It’s not a surprise to notice that my website may have been neglected with a lack of posts and race reports, they seem to have slowly diminished over the years, with last year possibly being the worst!

However, with devoting this year to riding and racing my bike I figured I best get back on the band wagon. One of the books I read said, start by picturing your target audience, you are never going to appeal to everyone with your writing, so at least think of someone who you are writing too or who will click on the link, I thought long and hard about this…..


There are of course certain members of our team who write a very good blog or vlog even, if you want some entertaining reads and have time to watch YouTube then Katie Archibald and Keira McVitty produce some crackers.


Anyway I digress and potentially lose my audience to my team mates, so hang fire before you go visiting.


So my target audience, it all came together when Simon came back from coaching and mentioned about how much of an influence I am on the younger riders, especially the girls who are starting out in the sport. I stopped and thought about it, sometimes you become so absorbed in your own goals and destination that you forget about the path you are leaving for others to follow. Having coached and taught since I was 14-years old, one of my main reasons for coaching was to be able to help, inspire and improve others.


I thought about my own sporting journey and can remember specifically an incident when I was 14-years old – my swimming coach at the time took me to one side just before the national championships, looked at me and point blank said “you will never make it as a national swimmer, you are not good enough”, in an instant I was crushed, this was the week before my biggest competition of the year, what I had worked so hard for and suddenly my head was in turmoil – a week later, with complete wilted self-confidence I swam like a sack of spanners. Cue post nationals and this was not going to happen again,  a change in club, a new coach who believed in me, someone I could talk to and was approachable, and someone who wanted to work with me to help me achieve my goals – I remember the moment I sat down with him and went through my targets for the season – that year I made my first individual national final, okay I came 8th in 50m Freestyle having led at half way! But who would have thought I was a sprint swimmer and even more so, who would have thought that today I would be sitting waiting to board a plane to the launch of a professional cycling team, as a bike racer.


Why this story? My point is that on the path you follow, you will come across those people that will tell you that you can’t do it, that you can’t achieve your dreams but stick to it… believe in yourself, surround yourself with positive people and good things will happen – its 2017 and I’ve just signed for a professional cycling team, perseverance and hard work does pay off but you will have to get up multiple times when you get knocked down both physically and mentally.


Hopefully the people I write this for will know who they are and if you’re just popping by, maybe you can take a little bit of inspiration or confidence from it, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same can be said for the goals that you set, keep plugging away.

Now though its time to jet off to Madrid for our team launch, and of course I will try to keep you up to date this year – exciting things are happening, and I’m surrounded by a great bunch of people!



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