March Update

Thursday 30th March 2017

It’s hard to believe that a month has passed since we were boarding a plane to head to Madrid for the team launch and training camp! In line with my last blog I want to write this for those that are looking in, checking up on my adventures and see what is going on in the life of a full-time bike rider.

It was fantastic spending time training with the team out in Spain, I certainly ventured into new territory with the number of hours I’d ridden! Whilst working full-time I’d be putting in around 8-10 hours a week, since making the decision to go full-time my coach and I have been building up the hours slowly, it would be too easy to jump in feet first and end up in dark hole – so slowly, slowly has been the name of the game, keeping track of how my body is coping with the workload and most importantly of all, learning to rest!


Since arriving back home in Lancashire the full range of Craft kit has been put to use with wind, rain, snow, hail and just the one day of glorious sunshine!

Whenever we have a kit issue I am always overwhelmed with the amount and attention to detail with what we receive, it seems there is an item of clothing for every occasion, the problem once you get back is how to fit it all in the wardrobe!

Of course there has also been the need to use non-standard kit issue clothing! Yes I did get a lot of abuse for warming up like this….. but I did stay warm and dry!

I’ve raced a couple of times since being home, once at the Lancaster Crits at Salt Ayre, and the second at the Lancaster Hilly Time Trial. On both occasions we had true Lancashire weather plenty of rain and a bit of wind thrown in for good measure as well. It has been nice to come away with a couple of wins, but there is still a lot more work to do yet.


Having spent most of the month travelling you would think that it would be nice to spend some time at home, but Simon and I decided to head up to Scotland for a long weekend. It was nice to come up for air after all the hard work, it’s a strange feeling when you can feel your body absorbing the work that you’ve done and energy levels return. We ventured to Glentress for a bit of mountain biking which was ace:

It was also really nice to be able to stop and take pictures of the spectacular views, there are so many times when I’m riding my bike that I wish I could send visual postcards of where we are, what we see, but I always have that guilt trip of stopping to take a photo! So this weekend there were no limits on photo taking – my phone can confirm this *Memory Full*.

So the race season officially kicks off for me in April, I have to say I can’t wait to get going! Some of the girls have already been racing in Spain and Belgium and doing the team proud, hopefully the hard work I’ve been putting in will start to show – I’ve loved every minute of the process, and learnt so much about myself.


So onwards to the season and an update in another month 🙂 Don’t forget you can follow the team on the following:






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